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Evolution of Neilogy
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Dear Diary

10.08.14 22:09
Evolution Form: Neil Alexander
   Race: Vampire

Neil was born in a calm neighboorhood of Montreal, in Canada. He grown with Chuck as a best child friend, a girl that lived in the house in front of his. Him and his family went to french for living, but when he had finish high school he went to New York to become a great Actor with Chuck. He lived a life of pleasure and succes with his best friend. He became a great and beloved actor, he just didn't have a lot of chance in love, but he didn't mind it, he was not looking for that. During the past year he had to do a terrible thing... After he had been attacked by Chuck during a night spend together, he had to kill him. Today he's still affected by this, and nothing seems to be able to make him happy again. After he had discover his powers, he went to this Hotel for not to be discover by his friends, his family, or enyone else that know him well enough.

• First: I don't really understand where it comes from. It's just... Here. I wasn't a really empathic person, maybe it's my punishment. Now I feel everything the world feels. Like all the pain I sowed just get back in my face and tell me "It's your turn, now that you are a monster, you gotta feel what you do to others". The only good thing with that is that I can heal people. I mean, if i concentrate enough I can aspirate injuries or pain, even bads feels.

   • Second: It's really simple. I went to chuck's grave as every time I touch it. But this time I felt like an electric shock, and since I can turn my body in marble.
Important Events

September 10, 1969 : date of birth

March 7, 1973 : first meeting with Charlote (Chuck)

August 7, 1987 : Back to Canada

Semptember 13, 1989 : Neil make his coming out

October 5, 1989 : First show on broadway

December 23, 1993 : First show with Chuck

October 1, 2000 : Buy the house of his childhood

January 17, 2013 : Kill Chuck

August 23, 2013 : Leave his hous for the hotel.
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Dear Diary

10.08.14 23:53
Inventory: My Potions
I will use them into the game

Time Travel (0)Love Filter (0)Moon's Drops (0)Hair's Color (0)
Olden P (0)Wallsin (0)Frogs' P (0)Angel's Truth (0)
Contrary tells (0)Baby Boom (0)Sleepin' Beauty (0)Ataraxia (0)
Invisibility (0)Chiwawas (0)Wild Blow (0)Mind Rubber (0)
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Dear Diary

10.08.14 23:53
Inventory: My Objects
I will use them into the game

Against Evil LocketWatersweets
Twins MirrorMagical Pen
Connected Minds' RingVenus' Fragrance

My Pet: Name
My little friend

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