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Gael's evolution
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Dear Diary

10.08.14 18:55
Evolution Form: Gael E. Whyte
   Race: Shapeshifter


Childhood : Gael's childhood wasn't extraordinary. He was an odd little boy. The kind of child who is closer to the radiator than his classmates and draws turtles instead of cats. He was different from the others. He could feel it and so did they. Kindergarten was a lonely time but slowly, as he was growing up, he learned to adapt. When he reached nine, he made his very first friend and everything went fine from this point.

Family : His father is a farmer and a shapeshifter. His mother an environmental activist and a human. The two of them combined gave birth to an organic farm and Gael.

Nowadays : On a little path through a field, a young man was lying on a bed of wheat. Headphones on his ears, he was listening to some country music, breathing in rhythm with the beat. One of his fingers was moving at a few occasions, showing the intensity of the bass at this instant. All he could hear was the guitar playing and the soft voice of the singer whispering straight into his ear. Transported by this musical piece, he didn't notice the footsteps approaching. Gael realized the intruder's presence only when he felt his headphone flying off his head to land somewhere in the field. Frowning, he stood up to face his assailant only to recognize his father. As all the blood from his face flowed away, he muttered a "dad" barely audible. Soon after, his old man started shouting :

"Who do you think you are exactly ?! You don't want to study  but stay at home to play around in the field ?! I gave you a choice : studies or work. Not take naps in my fields."

Gael waited a few seconds, biting his lips before clearing his throat and answering with an uncertain voice :

"I'm sorry dad... I... I'll try harder I promise... 'kay ?"

His blue eyes raised to watch the reaction from his father but what he saw wasn't forgiveness. He could read anger and... a weird determination that didn't look good at all. With just a movement of finger, the farmer made his offspring follow him. Quickly, they walked the way back to the house up to the only son's bedroom. He took a suitcase and throw it on the unfold sheets.

"Tonight, you're getting a cab for Melrose and you're going to work. And you know why ? 'Cause if you don't, you're gonna starve ! This is how life works Gael. And I don't wan' no lazy son here but a real man ! It's about time you become one."

And that was how Gael Esteban Whyte left the countryside for the city. It was a huge change in his life and in a few days only, all his money was gone. He went from job to job to earn some cash and start a living. Slowly, his search extended to larger cities. While he was struggling, he also wanted to meet new people... people like him : shapeshifter. And that's how, after two years, he ended up in the Miracle Hotel.


• Transformation : The young man becomes a reptile. Any reptile, from the small salamander to the enormous boa constrictor. Poisonous, dangerous or harmless, he takes the capacities of the creature he becomes. Unfortunately, he also inherits the disadvantaged such as the need for long hour in the sun, the desire to swim for some, the hater of cold, etc. Obviously, clothes aren't affected by his power.
Important Events

Note ici la date et la drescription des évènements que tu considères importants pour la vie de ton personnage.
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Dear Diary

10.08.14 18:55
Inventory: My Potions
I will use them into the game

Time Travel (0)Love Filter (0)Moon's Drops (0)Hair's Color (0)
Olden P (0)Wallsin (0)Frogs' P (0)Angel's Truth (0)
Contrary tells (0)Baby Boom (0)Sleepin' Beauty (0)Ataraxia (0)
Invisibility (0)Chiwawas (0)Wild Blow (0)Mind Rubber (0)
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Dear Diary

10.08.14 18:56
Inventory: My Objects
   I will use them into the game


Against Evil LocketWatersweets
Twins MirrorMagical Pen
Connected Minds' RingVenus' Fragrance

My Pet: Name
   My little friend

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