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Iain's evolution
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Dear Diary

06.08.14 20:11
Evolution Form: Iain Campbell
Race: Human

• Enfance/Childhood: Iain was born and bred within a working class family in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. He grew up with his parents in a little house at the edge of the city and had a normal childhood. He went to school, learnt how to bike, and generally had a pleasant life. He was mixed between school, his friends, trips to see the close and distant relatives, a few holidays abroad but nothing far. He wasn’t a difficult kid and always wanted to take part in everything. He made a few true friends at school and they keep in touch even now.

At a very young age he discovered drawing and soon painting and completely fell in love with it.

• Famille/Family: Iain still have both his parents and grandparents on both sides. He has always been very close from all of them and keep in touch when he is away. He has a special relationship with his parents but never talks work with them. He has a cousin on his mother side that he loved and hasn’t seen him in ages. For the rest they are just distant relatives he only sees once in a blue moon.

• Vie actuelle/Nowadays: He got his GCSE’s with a respectable mention and same again for his A levels. Having accountant’s parents made him go to University to graduate in this field even if this job didn’t fit his aspirations in life. What can he say, it runs in the family after all.

Since then, he is working with them, helping running the family business and earn his living without suffering in term of money. At the age of 21 he moved out from the house and got a flat where he could finally have him own space. He carried on working with his parents since then and now age 25 not a lot of things have change. It’s true that some of his friends already have partners, long time partners and he had to attend a few wedding and such but Iain is not in a hurry.

He had a few girlfriends over the years but none that really inspired or changed him to the point he thinks about them all the time. He doesn’t have any regrets over his life apart from the fact that his job is boring as hell and he needs to get out.

• Comment avez-vous connu l'hôtel Miracle?/ How did you know the Miracle Hotel?: Iain discovered the hotel in an advertisement online when he was browsing the best retreat places in Scotland. He decided to take his car and isolate himself in the south. He can work remotely and his parents/ friends didn’t mind letting him go for a while.

His job has been really demanding and he hasn’t had the time to really draw, paint of take pictures for a long time so he wanted to take the road and chill out away from everything and be himself again. It’s been a couple of weeks since he left and took a stop in Newtonmore, Forfar and Dundee before heading to the Miracle hotel.  

• First: Not Applicable

• Second: Not Applicable
Important Events

Note ici la date et la drescription des évènements que tu considères importants pour la vie de ton personnage.
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Dear Diary

06.08.14 20:12
Inventory: My Potions
I will use them into the game

Time Travel (0)Love Filter (0)Moon's Drops (0)Hair's Color (0)
Olden P (0)Wallsin (0)Frogs' P (0)Angel's Truth (0)
Contrary tells (0)Baby Boom (0)Sleepin' Beauty (0)Ataraxia (0)
Invisibility (0)Chiwawas (0)Wild Blow (0)Mind Rubber (0)
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Dear Diary

06.08.14 20:12
Inventory: My Objects
I will use them into the game

Against Evil LocketWatersweets
Twins MirrorMagical Pen
Connected Minds' RingVenus' Fragrance

My Pet: Name
My little friend

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