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I just had to start again x Lilium Curtiss
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Dear Diary

22.07.14 22:53
Evolution Form: Lilium Curtiss
Race: Angel

Lilium was borned as an angel, in the Heaven house. Even for an angel, the goodness creature, she was pur and curious.
Everyday she was observing humans on Earth, and the other creatures like demons ... One of us was strange for Lilium, she can't explain why, but she was facinate.
One day, this demon called Elleynah has been in trouble, and Lilium has descended Heaven to come to demon's assistance.
Since this day, Lilium lost her wings and place at the Heaven. She is no longer an Angel, but a fallen angel.

Since her arrival[En Fr temporairement]
Sa rencontre avec Elleynah l'a confortée dans son idée de vengeance, et lui a développé des aspirations : plus de puissance, que ce soit force mentale ou habilités physiques... Cependant, Anastasyia contre balance : il reste un mince espoir de pouvoir croire en autrui.
Après la nuit où Elleynah avait un autre corps Lilium est partagée entre la soif de pouvoir ou faire preuve d'ouverture d'esprit et de compréhension.


• First : Regeneration given by angel blood, demon weapon only can injure.

• Second : Astral projection with an intense concentration and detachment that surrounds : She's no longer able to carries her security. And it gives horrible headache.
Important Events

• January 2014 :
Rencontre d'Elleynah, et harcèlement avec des projections astrales.
Rencontre d'Anastasyia. A du potentiel pour apaiser Lilium.

• Febuary 2014 :
Etrange nuit où Elleynah et un certain Neil ont échangé de corps. Lilium réalise que le démon peut avoir des émotions dans une autre enveloppe charnelle et peut souffrir.
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Dear Diary

22.07.14 22:53
Inventory: My Potions
I will use them into the game

Time Travel (0)Love Filter (0)Moon's Drops (0)Hair's Color (0)
Olden P (0)Wallsin (0)Frogs' P (0)Angel's Truth (0)
Contrary tells (0)Baby Boom (0)Sleepin' Beauty (0)Ataraxia (0)
Invisibility (0)Chiwawas (0)Wild Blow (0)Mind Rubber (0)
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Dear Diary

22.07.14 22:53
Inventory: My Objects
I will use them into the game

Against Evil LocketWatersweets
Twins MirrorMagical Pen
Connected Minds' RingVenus' Fragrance

My Pet: Name
My little friend

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