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W-Hell come - Forum RPG English Learning - Pratique et développe ton anglais en RP

Slowly but surely I will take your soul
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Dear Diary

22.07.14 22:16
Suivi des RP

" Never forget... When I choose you, I follow you until you're dead. "

RP en cours

* Join the dark side, we have... No, no cookies. with Daniel Johnson

* I met a devil this night. with Anastasyia Lockart

* Room reservation. with Poppy Wilcox

* I know exactly what you are. with Tatianna Grigorievsky & William A. Hawkins

RP en cours [EVENTS]

* What the hell is this ?! with Isilda Mainsworth

* There is a problem...  with Neil Alewander & Lilium Curtiss

RP Terminés

* Nice to meet you again... Or not. with Lilium Curtiss

* Sweet demon, can you have nightmare ? with Lilium Curtiss

* Le son du silence. with Tatianna Grigorievsky

* Guess who is there ? with Lilium Curtiss

* WTF ? (What's That Face ?) with Neil Alewander

RP abandonnés

Titre du topic avec Pseudo
Titre du topic avec Pseudo

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