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i need a bit of help folks!
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Dear Diary

The Woman
05.01.14 16:07
Hello hello dearies!

I'd like to register on this forum -gosh it's been ages since i wanted to find a rpg in english but ran by french people- but i'm quite not sure what kind of character you're looking for exactly ? I'm probably taking a man but i'd like to know what you really need for now.

Thanks for the incoming intel.

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Dear Diary

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Isilda Mainsworth
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F O U N D E R ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■Witch - Don't be affraid
05.01.14 17:08
Hello Dee !

Oh that's a very nice surprise ! I prefer to let people free for the chosen characters, so you can choose a fantasy creature or a human, you're free to choose Very Happy For example, my character is a witch and the character of my best friend (Poppy) will be a Werewolf.
A man is a good idea I think, usually people take girls or women so I think a man is a very good idea for a character on a french forum Very Happy
I hope I could help you & welcome by us.


I'm a witch, I love who I am, ... Power is mine

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