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Lucie Martin - Human
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Dear Diary

23.11.14 22:12
Evolution Form: Lucie Martin
   Race: Human

I'm born in the South of France. Do you know Provence ? That's where I come from. I'm a French girl and not suppose to speak good english as well. You know, the French and the languages, especially English... it isn't a legende. We are very bad by speaking others languages. We finally get used to it. My story is quite sad I'm afraid, but please don't cry : I'm ok now, so you don't have to be worried.

We were three sisters : I'm the oldest one. All my life I wanted to protect my little sisters against the difficulty of the world, like a superprotective big sister. Life wasn't easy for us, we lost our both parents because of a car accident. I want just 18. I refused to be separated from my sisters after the dragedy, so I asked to become the legal guardian until my sisters turns 18 too.
It's wasn't an easy year : I failed my law exams and had to become a mother and sister. It was a uge mess at home. On the one hand the mourning, and the other hand a real change in our habits. Our parents gave us some money in the will, we didn't had the financial part to worried at first. Being the oldest gave me all the responsabilities of the house. We shared tasks but I had to say, it was really difficult at the beginning. Every day we were thinking about our parents, not here anymore, we felt it all the time. Not the best part of my life, I told you.

Well, things got better, my sisters turned both 18 and I gave myself more freedom. I could do a Erasmus for example. And I choose Dublin. At the beginning I was a bit affraid, like I left my sisters and felt terrible. Everytime I had them on the phone, they told me not to worry, so I started listening and enjoying this new life. And I met a guy. For the first time I wanted something serious. Before, I wasn't thinking like this, it was just having fun, forget. Nothing more, I had enough to think, enough to manage. This time, it was different : I felt free of responsabilities, free of living my own life. I have to admit I went always at the same place for the guy behind the bar. This bartender was very charming so I don't know, I was here to see him. Just like that. I'm also suspicious, and wanted this time something serious. I kept him waiting until he proposed a date : I couldn't resist for this. And things just happened.
Cillian (what a beautiful name) made me happy, very happy. I often told him, to let him know, but I think he saw it. I'm the kind of person who plays with feelings, I'm very honest about it.

With Cillian, with this new culture, I really enjoyed my time in Dublin. I took some Irish habits like drinking Guinness in an Pub, or listening all night long to the Irish music. I know the “Galway Girl” or “Fields Of Glory” by heart. I went around Dublin in Newgrange to see the Celtic tombs, I read everything about the myths and legends, visited the Connemara, Cork and the Burren. And I had a man to make me happy. It was so delightful being here than I wanted to spend my life in Dublin. That was the plan.

15th September 2013. I was just engaged with Cillian. I was coming back to France, for a few days in Provence with my sisters. I was in a cab, it’s was a dark night, going to the airport.
I never took off.
I don’t know what happened, the driver lose control of his vehicle. We were died. Both of us. At least, it was the story for everyone. I wasn’t dead. I had just no idea of who I was.

I don’t know who I am. I don’t know what kind of person I was before the accident. It took me everything. My life my smile my sadness… my memories. I have nothing on my back but me. I don’t remember my name at all. Not a clue to find my identity if only I had an ID with me when they found me. I had nothing but myself. I just knew I was in Dublin, speaking english with an accent. Why was I here ?
The hospital tried to find something. In Ireland, my finger prints weren’t registered. They gave me a new name: Mary Flanagan. And what? I started a new life, finding something about me. They told me at the hospital I had still my semantic memory: you know all the knowledge I learned since I was a child. It was just the episodic memory. Just.

Mary Flanagan, 24 years old, studying art. I discovered I liked painting. New life: new beginning. New town: Belfast. The titanic museum was my favorite place, I also came very often in the “Duke of York” for a Guinness and worked at the “Alley Cats” preparing homemade burgers after College. I had friends started again but… it wasn’t enough. Something was missing. It wasn’t right. I didn’t wanted to spend the rest of life looking for who I was, and doing this new things just because I thought I enjoyed it. I probably had a family, some friends and a boyfriend, whatever. I was someone for some people. They probably believed I was dead. But I’m here on earth. Just lost. With one clue : a engagement ring on my finger.

An add. A memory. This day, I remembered something. I had never seen this place before, it goes out of my head. Just by seeing this pictures about the miracle hotel. I don’t know why my memory came back, because it had nothing to do with this hotel, but I didn’t need more to be ready for a little journey in Edinburgh. Maybe, I would have some answers. I may meet some people with memories of me. Who knows? It was like a brain wave, like an excuse to make a break in this life I was afraid of. I think I’m scared by living every day without knowing nothing of anything before the 15th September 2013. Every person can speak about their parents, their childhood, their brothers and sisters. I can’t. It makes me feel sad. It makes me feel … empty. I’m nothing but a fictive name. A few days in the miracle hotel could be an idea to find something. If I don’t, at least I would have tried. If I don’t go, I will regret it.

So welcome Miracle Hotel. I hope you will be the key of my mystery past. I hope you won't be just a good looking place to get some rest. Understand why I had this flash by reading you advertisement, understand how to get some new memories to finally have my identity back. I really need to rememberto feel like I’m someone real. Someone alive.



- Altruistic : I take care of the people I love, even if it penalized me
- Artist : I have got a real talent for drawing and painting
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Dear Diary

23.11.14 22:12
Inventory: My Potions
I will use them into the game

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Dear Diary

23.11.14 22:12
Inventory: My Objects
I will use them into the game

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