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W-Hell come - Forum RPG English Learning - Pratique et développe ton anglais en RP

W-Hell come - Discover our Story & come with us
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Nestor, the Butler
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19.10.14 19:17

W-Hell Come
please discover our story and come with us

Welcome to the Miracle Hotel, my name is Nestor and I am the Mainsworth family’s butler. I’ve been living here since I was born, the place has no secret to me, and I can tell you that it has a rather uncanny story.

Appleforth used to be a beautiful castle, whose first owner was a very old wizard, Semak Tolignev. He married with a young witch from the Mainsworth family, Elerinna, and they were absolutely in love with each other. However, the rest of the Mainsworth family felt nothing but repulsion for Semak, and thus planned to crush the couple. They invaded the castle and forced Semak to leave, then Elerinna helped them to hire my father as their butler and open the Miracle Hotel. Semak went to Russia and built another hotel there a few years later, during the Fifteenth Century. Humans were not granted permission to enter the place, whereas lots of strange creatures were greeted in. Semak’s hotel is closed nowadays, and nobody had heard about him until recently.

During that span, the Miracle Hotel’s reputation grew steadily, and became quite famous among magic creatures. The Mainsworth family had both human beings and magic creatures as their employees and customers. In order to be known by every single being in the world, they perform a great ritual when the moon is full, casting powerful spells with the help of friends or guests that also have magical gifts, and thus summon people and creatures. Then, six years ago, most of the members of the Mainsworth family mysteriously disappeared, and the Miracle Hotel had to be closed. I’ve no clue about where they might have gone, and nobody else seems to know either.

Only Isilda, Elerinna’s grand-daughter, still lives in Appleforth Castle now, and I serve her the best I can, following my father’s steps as the butler. Today, the Miracle Hotel opens its gates again, and Isilda will make a speech to the guests. Please hear what she has to tell. I wish you a very pleasant time in the hotel.
Contexte en français:

Isilda's Speech


“I am pleased to welcome you in Scotland, in the Miracle's Hotel, guest. I am Isilda MAINSWORTH and I will be your host during your journey in Miracle.

As you can see, Miracle's Hotel is the only one thing you can find in thirty miles. Feel free to walk around the Hotel but don't forget one thing: in Miracle when you open a door or go on a way, you are sure to discover something but it is impossible for you to know in advance what or who you will discover.

Be careful, this place and this Hotel are incredible. You will meet amazing people, find amazing creatures but Miracle’s Hotel is definitely not a part of Heaven. Life is a precious thing; breathe is a condition of it. If you don’t breathe, you can’t live, and if you can’t live, you are dead.

I hope you are not afraid of this place, and you would enjoy your journey with us. Miracle is an interesting place to discover. This is a very old castle that my family owns since the fourteenth century. All of the rooms of the Hotel had been made in order to be comfortable and to help people to relax.

You are here to spend the loveliest time you ever lived and my team is here to do whatever you want. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything. Whenever you want, it is our mission to answer to your desires.

Well, you now know where you put your luggage and I am pleased to tell you that you are now an official Miracle’s guest. My team will give you keys of your room. To conclude, I just want to wish you to spend a good time in our Hotel and have a nice journey (in Hell). “

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