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Nora Fawkes' Evolution
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Dear Diary

Y.O. posts
10.10.14 13:15
Evolution Form: Nora Fawkes
Race: Demon

The man sits on the sofa. Next to him, he puts his notepad and his pen. He put a little recorder on the table. The red indicator shows that the device is working and is ready to collect every single piece of information.

Is that really necessary ?

It is. I wanna be as faithful as possible when I'll write it down.

In front of him, a woman is slouched on the red velvet armchair. The golden trims on the armrests give to the furniture some kind of refinement. It contrasts with the nonchalant attitude of the woman. She just looks at the journalist from the corner of her eyes. She is obviously annoyed by the interview. But she has given her word.

Where do I start ?

First of all with your name and then your childhood will be good, if you want to.

Sigh again.
It is obvious that he is scared. He knows what she is capable of. At least, he thinks so. But he is far from knowing anything.
The condo is not very large and it's even smaller because of the huge bookcase. The latter is full of various books from different eras. From the Holy Bible to Macs All-In-One for Dummies. The windows are covered by thick blood-red curtains. The only light in the room comes from the candles which give an occult atmosphere to the rendezvous. The flames are dancing to every move of the young woman, as if they were obeying to her. It's easy to see in the eyes of the reporter that he is wondering what he is doing here. He regrets having asked this interview but the excitement, the adrenaline and the curiosity are beyond fear.

My name's Silver Leigh. Of course it's not my real name, but it's the one I am using now.
I was born in Japan, in a time when the Empire was still overwhelmed by myths and legends. My mother were simple humans, but they weren't my real parents and I wasn't human. But I learned it a few years later.
They loved me, took care of me, thinking hard that I was their child. When I was six, a man came into our home. I've never seen him before, but my father seemed to know him very well and he came everyday. He was a friend of the family and I loved to spend time. I didn't why at that time, but we were linked in some ways. For a little while, my father thought I wasn't his child after all, but that thought disappeared as he remembered that they didn't know him when I was born.
From my eight to my twelve, this dear friend of us trained me without my parents knowing it. He learned me how to fight, to handle sabers and martial arts. Our relationship wasn't unnatural. He was my professor and I was his pupil, that was all. We would talk sometimes and I explained to him how hard my parents were loving me. I told him I didn't care about it. He smiled and finally told me the truth.

The journalist drinks in her every word. His eyes were shining in belief. However, at first sight, we could think that he was skeptical to all of these nonsense. He is in his forties, his hair is gray, he is slightly stocky and sturdy. He looks like a manual worker, a bit mundane. Despite all of this, he is a reporter for a magazine about the occult for all the supernatural lovers. He has already met a lot of impostors but he saw what the woman could do. He saw with what kind of dexterity and rapidity she killed that vampire, unarmed. She didn't leave him any chance.

He told me I was a reincarnated demon. I took place in the body of their child. I was to manipulate humans and make them choose evil over good. That was so exciting that I wasn't even surprised and nodded. Innocence and naivety are so good to demons, I experienced it.
He commanded me to kill my “parents” pretending that I have to in order to become a real demon. So I obeyed and killed them without any hesitation. They were begging and crying. There was blood everywhere. It was thrilling.

The demon laughs. She sits up straight and faces the journalist. In the blink of an eye, she looks like a woman of power. Her back lays on the back of the chair. Her legs are crossed and both of her hands are on the armrests. A sly smile appears on her lips and her look shines with mischief.

I won't tell you all the details, only the most interesting moments of life.

She keeps on smiling and her canines seem to shine under the light of the flames. The journalist gets back on the sofa, frightened by this... demonic vision. She laughs again.

When he thought I was ready he sold me to a strange man and just disappeared. I was 16. I knew that all positive feelings weren't possible for a demon, but I didn't think he would do such a thing to me. I became the sexual slave of an old and disgusting man. I promised myself to run away and to find that demon to kill him. He taught me how to. That was his first mistake. After two years of “suffering”, understanding that my keeper wasn't human. I thought of him as a wizard of something but when I had the chance to kill him, I took that opportunity and did a real massacre.

She passes her tongue on her lips. The journalist shivers but stays put. He can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Oh, and tell me more about your family please. You can't be just Japanese...

The woman smiles. The reporter is a good one after all.

You're right. My mother was indeed Japanese but my father was a German immigrant. He was blond with blue eyes, she was brown with black eyes. I am the perfect combination of them.
He was born in Japan and worked in the mines. She wasn't working, just taking care of their home as she was supposed to in her culture.

So I left Japan for the USA. I made a lot of bad things in order to be able to register in several universities. I studied finances, right, civilization. When you're a demon, the advantage is that you stop aging. It's really efficient to do whatever you wanna do.
Then I went to Italy to work in vineyards. Wine is my little weakness.
When World War One started, I made myself up to a man. I wanted to participate to the affairs as well. I didn't really choose a side but as I liked traveling I went to France and fight with them. When it ended, I just left again.
I spare you the details but I traveled and kept on killing just for pleasure. Then I ended up at the head of a firm in the USA. It wanted to set up shop in England so here I am.

He shudders a little. She doesn't know whether it's fear or excitement. But she's having fun. She finds him amusing. When years pass by and mark the others, letting you young and attractive, you find entertainment where you can.

So why did you killed that vampire ?

She nods to the question which was adapted. With grace, she gets up and gets closer to the journalist like a feline predator getting closer to her prey. She sits next to him and crosses her legs again. She is just a few inches away from the man that doesn't know whether he must be charmed or scared.

He was just one of my worst... “client”. When I met him again that night I saw red. But I didn't think I would save someone’s life.

She lays her hand on the cheek of the reporter. Her eyes hammered in his, he doesn't even move an eyelash. He is waiting. He doesn't know if it'll be the best night of his life or the last one. The hand slides to his neck. She brings him closer and puts softly her lips on his. The hand keeps on sliding on him, stopping on his chest. With an accurate and quick gesture, she stabs his rib cage with her claws and gets out a pounding and warm heart. A carmine liquid runs along her wrist. The heart falls onto the ground and hides under the coffee table. The demon licks her fingers. The night wasn't vain after all.

She was to determinate if the firm she worked for could set shop in Scotland as well. When looking for the perfect building, an idea came up to her mind: she wanted to own her own nightclub. There would be the perfect place to assist to human’s decadence. So she found THE place and set up there. On the opening night of her club, she over heard a conversation about a mysterious mansion outside town. Curiosity led her to the Miracle's Hotel. She thought the name was funny. At least it would be quiet and she would work in peace.
And what people didn't know, was she celebrated her 150th birthday the night of the opening night.

Demon skills : She is faster and stronger than a human. She has also a better hearing.

Télékinésie : The demon has the power to move objects by just with her thoughts. It’s a common gift among her kind but which is still an interesting gift for sure. At first, she would move objects with the help of her hands and then, she learnt how to control it perfectly. She never tried to move someone and hoped that it will happen.
Important Events

Note ici la date et la drescription des évènements que tu considères importants pour la vie de ton personnage.
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Dear Diary

Y.O. posts
10.10.14 13:15
Inventory: My Potions
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Dear Diary

Y.O. posts
10.10.14 13:16
Inventory: My Objects
I will use them into the game

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Dear Diary

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20.05.15 22:32
Arrival of your pet: Merguez, have fun !
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